Individual Tours

With our individual tours, we guarantee you varied cycling tours to suit your taste in breathtaking natural settings that you’ll never forget. No matter how long, special or difficult the stage could be, we make it possible for you.

With BIKE GUIDE TOURS you will explore every corner of the Cycling Paradise Gran Canaria. From short beginner tours in stunning nature and right on your doorstep to epic island tours and mountain crossings, you are guaranteed to get your money’s worth with our selected premium bikes that make every cyclist’s heart beat faster.

Individual Tours by bike on Gran Canaria

Individual offers

From 30 to 200 kilometers, individually tailored tours are available for you or your cycling group, depending on your desire and fitness level. We also don’t mind the dark and offer night rides on the well-lit roads in the vicinity of Las Palmas. 

Do you have a limited schedule or do you prefer day filling tours? Are you more into high percentage climbs and collecting altitude meters or do you prefer endurance and kilometers ridden? Are you perhaps an e-bike-fan and plan based on battery power and range?

According to your needs, we are happy to cater to any wishes and plan your route in consultation with you to turn your individual bike tour into an epic holiday memory.

All levels available

The individual tours are offered in all available levels. We will be happy to plan the tour for you or your group according to your preferences. Everything is possible: whether leisurely, sociable at a moderate pace of 17 to 22 km/h, extended and challenging at an average speed of 20 to 25 km/h or challenging, extensive at a brisk pace of 23 to 28 km/h with ramps of up to 20% incline.

Of course, the individual tours are also offered as tailor-made e-bike tours, taking into account battery capacity, range and any necessary charging stops.

Bike Rides to he hills of Gran Canaria

Procedure of an individual bike tour in Gran Canaria

After mutual, prior agreement on tour planning as well as coordination of the pick-up of the rental bike, if necessary, we agree on the start time and meeting point for our tour. From there, as planned, we will ride together along the coast and/or towards the interior of the island through vineyards and nature reserves, past lakes and small villages and deep into the island’s mountainous landscape.

Due to the varied infrastructure and the numerous roads that the north of Gran Canaria has in store for us, we can always adjust the length and the level of difficulty of the tour as desired.

Sights of Gran Canaria

Not only Gran Canaria’s roads, the beautiful landscape and its sportive altitude profile have a lot to offer, but also culturally there is a lot to see and discover here. Since the best way to get around the island is by bike, why not combine the sporting aspect with a cultural approach?

Besides training schedules, wattages and sore muscles, you shouldn’t lose sight of the holiday. Therefore, a short tour of the most beautiful and important sights and towns is recommended to get to know the country and the people here in the north of the island.

Sights of Gran Canaria
Typical Island Cuisine Gran Canaria

Typical island cuisine

What better way to get to know a country and its people than through its cuisine, and what is an extensive bike tour without a proper café stop? As a definite plus, the densely populated north also offers you numerous opportunities to stop and eat in the many island villages.

In order to chat and enthuse and to fortify yourself for the rest of the tour, you can find typical local cuisine with its tapas, pastries and sweets in the numerous bars and pastelerías for a little money.

Price: 90 Euro per person without bike